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restaurants   Note: We now have an Australia List of Restaurants If you are a supplier to Restaurants in the UK take advantage of our email list of restaurants and reap massive benefits. People in the business of supplying goods or services to restaurants often have a hard time finding new business and end up not serving enough customers. However, there are so many restaurants in the UK they can do business with. That is why our email list of restaurants is really important. If you are in such a business, this is just what you need to make things easy for you to find new clients. This is a list that will give you an opportunity to find new business in the entire UK Restaurant market. Our email mailing list of restaurants has been well researched and it is up to date, therefore it is reliable and you can use it to serve as many clients and use it as many times as you like. It is easily available to you whenever you need it; it is in a csv file form and soon after payment verification it will be sent to you in a downloadable format via a hyperlink. You will get up to date email mailing addresses of over 4000 restaurants located all over UK. Email Address accuracy is our main focus therefore you will not have a problem mailing out to the wrong potential clients once you start using our list. The best thing is that our email list of restaurants is not expensive as we offer it at a fair price. Therefore take advantage of it in order to increase your mailing list of clients in your line of business. Success in building a restaurants business does not only mean getting more customers to eat your specialty food. Rather, giving important balance between your customers and employees. Sadly, there is no magical formula for a restaurant business to improve sales and succeed. But there are pointers to use in establishing a successful food business: The first one is consistency in what you are serving. If you can give similar experience to customers every time they go to your restaurant, they will always remember you. It is not so good if sometimes food is good and sometimes bad. If consistency is not practiced, what the business is losing are great customers. It’s hard to invite new customers and make them come back again. More so, if the food and services they get varies each time. It’s good also to have fun. If your food business is only guest-focused, you’re only beating away your efficient employees with stick. Always create useful incentive programs for your staff and team. Pair up those waiters and cooks in groups and then share some prizes. Be a model leader. Help your team and employees. Serve and arrange chairs and tables, wash those dishes, be a cook, and do other things for successful work flow. Time will come and there’s no need for you to do it. However, each time you help them, your team will be grateful and appreciate your deeds. You will earn more respect from them because you’re the one they can look up to. For restaurants to succeed, it’s a good formula to have sense of balance between customers and personnel.We have many other lists including a database of churches , a list of opticians  and a list of interior designers

Why Investing in Email Lists Is a Good Idea

In order to make a business successful, endorsement is a must, and the best way to promote your business is reaching the customers through email marketing. Emails reach the inbox of thousands of target customers at the same time and make them aware of the products or services you are offering. But before you start an email marketing campaign, you need the email address of your target customers. If you are targeting a large number of customers, for example, people living in UK and fall under the age group of 20-35 years, then you need a large database of emails to run the marketing campaign successfully. You will be glad to know that there are many renowned business mailing lists with email addresses sellers in UK and they sell the mailing lists at affordable rates. By buying a mailing list, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Segmented customers: You can tell the email address seller which segment of customers you are targeting and their location. Based on your requirement, the seller will provide you a customized list. For example, a computer hardware merchant may need the list of IT companies, located in London and Manchester. The email list vendor will provide the IT companies’ business mailing lists with email addresses so that the B2B promotion can be done effectively.
  •  Up-to-date: These days’ people have several email addresses but most of them regularly check only 1-2 inbox. When you buy business mailing lists with email addresses, you can be absolutely sure that you will get only the active email addresses. So, your message will not only get delivered, but potential customers will read it as well.
  • Affordable: Did you ever check the price of mailing lists online? You will be surprised to see the rates of email lists because they are so cheap. The return on investment is excellent and the initial investment is so low that even a small business owner can easily take part in email marketing.

Here are some of our latest lists:

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So, you have already read the benefits of mailing lists; let’s try to find out the advantages of e-mail marketing.

# World-wide reach: There is no other marketing technique that gives you a better exposure to the global audience like email marketing does. All you need to do is create one mail, using high resolution images and catchy text; and hit the send button. Millions of potential clients will get your promotional message within seconds.

# Customizable: You can address each prospect individually and modify the content as per the preference of your target customers. For example, if you targeting people belonging to two groups, then you can promote different types of products to them to increase conversion rate.

# Increase direct sales: In your email, you can embed a link to your product or service page so that customers can buy immediately. Customers’ attention never gets diverted. By adding social media buttons, you can even take people to your fan page and help them share your products/services among their friends.

If you have just started a business and looking for B2B clients, then buy business mailing lists with email addresses as soon as possible.

New UK List

Database Directory List of UK Schools and Colleges

One factor that would make a good Database Directory List of UK schools and colleges viable is the diversified market share the sector has. There is a big population of teaching staff and students; the support staff; a significantly impressive consumer community. These big numbers of potential customers fall into different demographic groups and that means that there is a likelihood of finding clients for almost every type of product or service.

Taking England itself, the number of schools that are under government funding are over 20 thousand and they account for over 8million pupils and students. Then Primary schools in Wales count to more than a thousand while secondary schools are well above 200. In Scotland, enrolment in the Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions is well over 1.4 million. So, any entrepreneur thinking broadly cannot afford to ignore the education sector; and with that comes the need to be in touch with the stakeholders. For all practical purposes that makes a good e-mail mailing list relevant in relation to business.

Contents of a good email mailing list

  • Official name of the institution
  • Place the institution is situated
  • Size of the school or college population
  • Email address of the institution
  • Postal address of the institution
  • The type of school or even college; and that could be:
    • Infant School
    • Nursery
    • Junior School
    • Middle School
    • Primary School
    • Secondary School
    • High School
    • Grammar School
    • Independent School
    • Academy
    • Special needs School
    • Various colleges of specialization; among them, Teachers Colleges; Universities; and such.

Clearly, an Database Directory List of UK Schools and Colleges comes in handy because it is obvious that potential customers of products and services in this sector are very diversified in need and taste.

An enterprising investor can, therefore, use the e-mail mailing list to identify a target group for different products.

UK List Restaurants

Email Mailing List of Restaurants in the UK:  More Than Just Postal Addresses


The United Kingdom is known for having the best restaurants that offer not only good food but impeccable service and laid back ambiance. 


From the beaches of Newquay in Conwall to the Scottish Highlands, you will always find a restaurants UK to whet your appetite.  Food offerings range from European to the more fancy French or British cuisine.  You  may also find contemporary and a sprinkling of Asian cuisines.


Dining in a restaurants in the UK is an experience well worth taking the adventure.  Each of the restaurants speak of a personality that is distinctly theirs:  from the beautifully  covered tables, to the fine cutlery, and the small intricate details that surround the British restaurant that add to the welcoming feeling.  The service is such that it is relaxed but no less attentive. 


If it is the first time you are eating in a specific restaurant in our email list and would not gamble on being surprised by what you ordered, it would be a wise decision to take a look at the tasting menu of the restaurant.  You may choose from a tasting menu of between 5 to 10 carefully selected courses, which would usually be composed of the best that a restaurant can offer.  The course would usually start with a salad, and several small portions of the entree with complimentary bread:  from the soup, to the fish and meat entrees, to a cheese plate and usually 2 desserts.  Entrees may be paired with matching wines to complement its taste.  The tasting menu is seasonal though, depending on the availability of ingredients which are more often sourced locally.


Do not be fooled by its name:  restaurants seen in the email mailing address list  are very serious when it comes to serving its food that you not only are assured of being served sumptuous food but these are also served in a very grand manner that you may have second thoughts about “destroying” the feast presented before you.  Care is given in every detailed presentation of your food:  from the sauce, to the garnish up until the freshness of the main ingredients.  This could well compensate for the higher than normal cost you are charged for your 5 or 7-course meals. 


Tasting menus may also be altered to address allergies or dietary constraints.  By Email Mailing Restaurants in the UK will ensure that each and every customer is extended the same impeccable service it has been known to give each and every customer that enters its doors.